Miss Black Beauty Canada Interview- Mirabelle Eze

Talk about beauty and brains. Mirabelle Eze shows us another side of modeling. Indeed it’s beyond the glitz, glamour, runway, dresses and every other assumptions most people have. Miss Eze is beautiful on the inside and outside. In this exclusive interview, Mirabelle tells us about modeling, contesting for Miss Black Beauty Canada and gives advice to upcoming models.

Full interview below:


I am a third year student at the University of Toronto, studying Urban Studies. I was born in Nigeria and I’m currently living in Canada.
My interests are in modeling, music and film\theatre.
I have been modeling for about 2 years now. I mostly do commercial modeling but sometimes I get the opportunity to do Fashion print and editorials. It all started when a photographer friend of mine in high school talked me into doing a shoot with him, I posted the pictures on facebook and received good feedback from friends and family. So I did another shoot and another and before I knew it I was thinking of going into it seriously. Modeling is more or less acting which is why I love it. You create a persona in order to sell a product or service.
It’s a good way for me to become a leader and a role model in my community.
I’ve always loved to be involved in my community. Whether it’s school, church or in my neighbourhood, I think it’s very essential to be engaged. Also, the pageant is all about the redefinition of beauty, with an emphasis on inner beauty and I’m glad to be part of this movement.



The winner of Miss Black beauty Canada gets a chance to go to an African/Caribbean country of her choice to raise awareness and educate people about Sickle Cell Anaemia disease. If I win, I will do this in Nigeria. I will also use the opportunity to encourage community involvement and volunteerism among young black Canadians. I plan to collaborate with some organizations or even school boards to create after-school programs that provide relevant and culturally appropriate services that can improve the quality of life for the Black Youth in Canada.


Put yourself out there. Decide whether you want to be a freelance model or agency-represented. If you are agency represented, while you wait to be sent out to auditions, find and take up gigs that contribute to your experience. Experience is key. The more experience you have, the more confident you’ll be at your next big gig.

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I HAVE A DREAM, DO YOU? Ignite the Dream Within Part 1

Dream BIG

I am writing to those KINGS and QUEENS! This article is for YOU! You are a king/queen and can live your life to the fullest.

Have you ever sat down and wondered what life is really all about? Have you ever looked at someone’s life and said- “I love what she/he is doing and I really want to be like this person”, but still you do nothing about it? Have you ever struggled with finding yourself and your own voice? Have you ever had a dream and in between, life’s struggles, distractions, negative words and challenges choked and silenced those dreams?

Most people wander through life and go round in circles. They have no dream, some have no clear dream, no clear vision of where they want to go. Sometimes, when a great opportunity presents itself to them, they don’t have real insight to see it, grab it and build a dream upon it.

 Do you have a dream? What is your dream? Will you achieve it in your lifetime? Are you bold enough to go forth in the direction of your dreams, despising the ‘shame’, staying focused during the sacrifices to eventually live in the truth of your dreams?
In order to fully understand the details of dreams, it’s important that you realistically access where you stand

In connection to dreams, I believe there are four kinds of people:
1) The Non-Dreamers: Those that don’t understand what people mean by “I have a dream”. They believe life is just all about passing through. So they pass through life as ordinary and without recognizing their true potentials. As a result, they remain ignorant and don’t unleash their potentials.
2) The Dreamers who Wait: They say: “I have this strong, big, mega DREAM!”, but they wait, wait, wait some more and do nothing. They depend entirely on LUCK and continue to live in fantasyland. Such people eventually settle for anything. Before they even ‘wake up’ from that ‘dream’ they allow images of challenges, doubt, fear and negativity to stop the flow of those dreams, thus preventing clarification of the vision. These people don’t truly believe in themselves!
3) The Dreamers who Try and Stop: Believe me on this- these people truly have strong and big dreams. But after trying, they give up. In between the ‘hustle and bustle’ of life, they open themselves up to the negativity that people have spoken, limitations society has placed on them and generally allow challenges to drive them to a mediocre destination; because of the above, they prefer to settle.
3) The Dreamers who Implement and DO: These are the bold dreamers who understand that their time in this world is not forever. They understand purpose and passion. When God, dreams, hardwork, purpose and passion are intertwined, you’ll go beyond your expectations. They take a bold step, push, prepare, plan extensively, they despise the shame of people laughing, they keep pushing until they get to their true destination. They see their dreams as solutions to this world and as a means to inspire people around the world. They strive to leave this world a little better than it was before.
Which one of the dreamers are you? Are you embracing your truth and living your dreams? If not, you can still change your current state and mindset and achieve greatness.

What is a DREAM?
A dream is an inspiring picture that takes up on a journey into your future, which energizes your mind, will and emotions , and empowers you in the process to achieve it!- John Maxwell

Your dreams should ALWAYS be BIGGER than you. This is necessary, so that you understand those dreams cannot be achieved by you alone. My dreams are bigger than me and sometimes I shiver at the thought of them. They however make me understand that I need God to achieve those dreams…I need His help through wisdom, ideas, resources, people and more. Any dream that seems like you can “do it on your own” is just a wish. Or maybe you have to dream deeper and bigger. Your wildest dreams will come to pass if you have a dream and if your dreams are bigger than you.

“A dream is the seed of possibility planted in the soul of a human being, which calls him to puruse a unique path to the realization of his purpose”- Sharon Hull

First, you need to recognize that you have a seed within you. The seed of purpose that only you alone is meant to bring forth.
With the above definitions, we know that dreams:
– Inspire
– Motivate
– Energize
– Challenge you to be better
– Dreams propel you to the next level
– Are Valuable
– Are Assets
– Are solutions…

In general, dreams propel your mind, soul and body to the next level. Dreams are valuable commodities that energize you to enthusiastically achieve them. There are some dreams God has given me that make me work extremely hard at anything I do, just merely thinking about them. God remains my focus and with that, I see the dreams clearer at every phase of my life. There is ALWAYS an unusual, contagious energy that I cannot explain. When I am passionate about something, I can talk about it for days.
Are you passionate about your dreams?

You need to hold on to something to achieve your dreams. It could be just a picture that reminds you that you are working towards something, especially when you feel like giving up.
Dreams are envisioned! That moment you envision it, know within you that it is ALL achievable. Our dreams need to be bigger than we are. When you come to understand, define and clarify your dreams, then you are in line with PURPOSE (consciously or unconsciously, it will get clearer). What is life without purpose anyways?

What’s your excuse?
Sometimes, people get discouraged and eventually beaten out of their dreams. Other times, some create a route of escape.


Some factors stop people from achieving their dreams:
– Lack of Belief in themselves
– Lack of Confidence
– Inner Circle
– The blame game
– Past experiences/hurts/challenges
– Discouragement from people
– The Time Factor
– The “everyone is doing it, so I will forget it” mindset; so I’ll just forget it ETC ETC…the list is endless!
The above factors are individual topics that will be expanded upon in different articles.

I cannot stress this enough- YOU need to BELIEVE in YOURSELF! If you don’t believe in yourself, noone else will. I was in this pit before, especially during my teenage years. Despite the love given to me by my family, I still felt lonely. This was as a result of an operation I had on my left leg. I felt like it took away my life- I mean, literally. But thank God for a wonderful mother who helped take me out of that pit and encouraged me through God’s word. This has always been my strength and I acknowledge God everytime. I have learnt to trust deeply in my creator and He has made me understand and love myself better. I believe when we truly come to embrace and love who we are and who God has called us to be, confidence grows, we become bold enough to leave those relationships and friendships that don’t encourage us and challenge us to be better people. If you want to be rich and wise- walk with the rich and wise; learn from them and apply the knowledge!
Have you ever looked in a mirror? [Forget about the seen and unseen scars of the past.] You are truly BEAUTIFUL! You just need to embrace your uniqueness and live in the reality of your dreams. Always remember that- IMPOSSIBLE is NOTHING!
Have you truly meditated on the quote below?

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people per mission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others”  by  Marianne Williamson

If the DREAM isn’t BIG, it’s not worth pursuing.

The world is filled with dream crushers and idea killers. These people don’t have dreams of their own, so they discourage, instill negativity and generally try their best to sit on or trample upon people’s dreams. Other people’s success makes them feel inadequate or in secure. If people have discouraged you in any form from dreaming, you can start dreaming again; anything that stops you from becoming what you are meant to be or what you dreamt of, has now become your ‘God’.
During this process, NEVER compare yourself or your dreams to others. You should never let others set the standard for you. Believe, even when others don’t. Follow your dreams and you’ll attract the right friends and people.
Sometimes, people recognize that you have great potential, so they do their best to stop you from achieving your goals. Be very careful about such people. Don’t tell everyone your dreams! Be mindful of who you allow into your inner circle. What are you afraid of? Loosing those friendships? Well, the truth is you are scared of some human beings. Stop waiting for people before you change and break forth towards achieving your dreams!



It’s time to go back to the drawing board of your life and start to dream again. DREAM BIG and WILD! You can do the IMPOSSIBLE, if only you believe and take action steps. Conquer your fear today. The world is waiting to see your talents, gifts, dreams and potentials!
It’s time to work extremely hard. STOP dreaming and waiting. STOP depending on luck. FAITH needs you to ‘ACTION’ your dreams out loud. Put your dreams to the test today and the world will conspire to make those dreams a reality. Develop and sharpen your strengths.
If you need to work in a bank to help you achieve your dreams- DO IT! If you need to leave your job to achieve your dreams, STOP WASTING TIME, LEAVE AND START NOW! Make strategic plans, seek advice from the right people, read motivational books, broaden your horizon, take risks, go back to school if you need to, go on the internet (research and learn something new everyday)…YOU are the YOU that you’ve been waiting for!

Decide NOW to make a conscious effort today to realize your dreams and put them to work. I was talking to a friend sometime ago on making an effort to change. If you realize that you have a bad attitude- Let’s say you always see things in a negative perspective. This has affected your life and you impose the negative mindset on other people. When you come to a clear realization that you can change your attitude and change your life, but you keep blaming it on “being only human”, then you’re truly not ready for a change. That change begins with YOU. Are you willing to make that change?

You can change your life today by taking the first step to change yourself from the inside and DREAM OUT LOUD! Lives are waiting for you to inspire, motivate, lift and heal them.
Let today be the day you truly set EVERY SINGLE thing aside and decide to live your dreams. Let your final words be “I thank God or I am so grateful and fulfilled that I was used up of all my talents, gifts, skills and all my investments were used to make this world a little better than it was and to serve mankind .

You must define it before you can pursue it.

There is no magic power in having a dream. You can’t just wait for it. you have to work for it.
We’ve stayed in the BOX for too long. It’s time to STRETCH, leave your comfort zone and expand into the reality of your dreams. Decide to starting WINNING today!
Some people wait for permission that can be given to them only by themselves. It’s never too late to achieve that dream or be that person you always wanted to be. Don’t wait…the best way to start is to start. No matter how small, start and grow!

Remember: Mediocrity is ALWAYS a PERSONAL choice. Mediocirty is an individual lethargic resignation that says, I guess good enough is good enough (John Maxwell)

Don’t settle. You were made for soo much more than you can ever imagine. Don’t be lazy! Get to work 😀
UNLOCK the door to your dreams today. You are the permission you seek.

Stay tuned for Part TWO of DREAMS! Talking about steps to Clarify, Define, and start Acting on your Dreams.

I will love to hear from you and discuss through your comments. What are your thoughts and advice to people on achieving dreams? Will you like to read more of these articles? Please share!


Designer Spotlight: Christopher Kane RTW Resort 2014

Christopher Kane RTW Resort 2014

Inspired by early computer graphics from the 70s and 80s, Scottish designer Christopher Kane gives us a unique  and creative collection that literally makes you stare all day. If you have an eye  for design and creativity, you’ll immediately understand the in-dept breath taking nature of this collection.

According to Christopher Kane, “I came across these images of early computer graphics from the seventies and eighties, the way they had those rotating figures which looked like 3-D wire frames,”


The highlight of this collection for me are the line wired piles of lace patches transformed into digital-like flowers.


christopher-kane36 (1)christopher-kane30

christopher-kane29 christopher-kane28 christopher-kane26 christopher-kane23


Talk about stripes creatively intertwined into this dress…Love it!

christopher-kane20 christopher-kane14 christopher-kane07 christopher-kane10 christopher-kane03

Check out the full collection below:



For more  about Christopher Kane, Check out Voguepedia HERE

ANTM! Application Forms for Africa’s Next Top Model!

The latest  buzz in the African Fashion Industry is the introduction of Africa’s Next Top Model which was authorized by Tyra Banks and will be hosted by successful international model and entrepreneur Oluchi Onweagba Orlandi. The Television series will be filmed in South Africa after series of auditions in various African countries.

Africa's Next Top Model Application

The long wait is over for the Africa’s Next Top Model applications.  Models, family, friends, designers, bloggers and more have been asking and waiting for this time to come. NOW is that time to prepare and plan effectively. Will you be Africa’s Next Top Model? Details below.

ANTM just released all the countries were auditions will be taking place. NOTE that if your country is not listed below, you can audition in the nearest country.

Below is a list of countries where auditions will be taking place:

  • Angola
  • Ghana
  • Ivory Coast
  • Kenya
  • Mozambique
  • Namibia
  • Nigeria
  • South Africa

Download the FORMS HERE

About Africa’s Next Top Model:

Africa’s Next Top Model is the newest in the Top Model franchise that has spanned 3 Continents and 35 countries across the globe. It will bring you the best of Africa’s diverse continent from East to West and North to the South!

Host Oluchi Orlandi is an internationally renowned supermodel who has graced the covers of Elle magazine and Italian Vogue as well as being a Victoria’s Secret Angel. Having garnered much fame in the modeling industry with countless ad campaigns and magazine editorials, Oluchi is a shining inspiration to supermodel hopefuls from the Continent as they compete to be Africa’s next top model!

Shot in between Africa’s fashion capital Johannesburg and Cape Town, cameras follow the contestants over 10 episodes and 8 weeks as they learn what it takes to make it. Twelve young women perform weekly challenges and are put to the test to see who comes out on top! Follow your favorite model and be a part of this exciting new venture!

For more information, go to http://www.antmafrica.com/

Also follow them on Facebook to get updates fast: https://www.facebook.com/ANTMAfrica

Style Lounge: How to Wear a Crop Top


Crop tops have been seen on celebrities, rocked on runways, fashion shows and off course seen on street style looks. What makes it unique is how you style and wear crop tops with confidence. With crop tops, showing off a little skin is definitely sexy (especially when you have a flat belly), but you can still rock a crop top without showing off too much skin.

The issue about crop tops being limited to people of certain ages has  been a trending one for a while. But, it all boils down to styling outfits to fit your age and the right event. Do you think crop tops are for certain ages? (Please share your thoughts)

For this post, I’ll be writing on how to work with a stripped crop top. This will also help you to pair pieces perfectly for the stripe trend.

I compiled looks on how you can style a bold stripped crop top in five different ways . You can pull off this trend in a unique, chic and timeless way. You can also rock them  for various occasions, from day look, weekend brunch wear to an elegant night hangout.

Below are some easy tricks and ways to style a crop top.
River Island Longsleeve Stripe Crop Top


Thinking of going bold and neutral this season? For a polished  look, pair a crop top (works for sleeveless, elbow length or long sleeve) with a bold colored pleated skirt. I absolutely love this skirt from topshop. It’s available in different colors and I say- rock this outfit with your favorite ankle strap heels.

Crop top, 5 ways - Part 1

1. Moku Women’s Crop Monochrome Stripe Jumper for $14; 2Pink Double Pleat Calf Skirt for $98  3.Marc Jacobs $290                              4. Kenneth J Bracelet $60                  5.   Leopard Print Clutch               6. Zara Ankle Strap $


Who says you can’t go the long route? Pairing a floor length chiffon skirt with a crop top will work perfectly. Adding some slit to the  skirt gives you a sexy look. This look  can also be styled with heels, depending on the occasion.

One Crop Top, 5 Ways

1. Moku Women’s Crop Monochrome Stripe Jumper for $14; 2. Chiffon Skirt $18  3.Sweel Woven Flats $24  4. Zara Neon Box Clutch $36                  5.   Kate Spade Red LipStick $24               6. Extra- Neon Bag $28


Take a risk by pairing contrast patterns (stripes and prints). One key to pairing different prints is to stay within the same family range. With this look,  black and white works. Don’t be afraid to rock prints this season!

Crop Top 5 Ways

1. Moku Women’s Crop Monochrome Stripe Jumper for $14; 2. Calf Length Skirt $20  3. Armani Exchange Bag $88  4. Zara Suede  Sandal $100               5.   J.Crew Sunflower Necklace  $50            6. Miss Dior Parfum $90


Denim is a great addition to your the crop top look, especially if you want to show off those well tones abs :). Wearing a distressed jeans makes it more edgy.

Crop Top, 5 Ways

1. Moku Women’s Crop Monochrome Stripe Jumper for $14; 2. Distressed Jeans  $55  3. Leopard Flats $23  4. Michael Kors Bag $265               5.   Gold Chunky Necklace $19       



Make an elegant style statement with a floral blazer and jean shorts. This look will work perfectly for both a night and day look. For a day look, you can wear flats for that shopping date with a friend; for a night look, slipping  in simple heels will work, especially with the  floral blazer.

TIP: Because of the details on the blazer, it’s best to pair this look with simple accessories.

CropTop, 5 Ways

1. Moku Women’s Crop Monochrome Stripe Jumper for $14; 2. Floral Blazer  $30  3. Leopard Flats $23  4. Vera Moda Jeans $38               5.   Neon Flats $33    6. Michael Kors Jet Set Large Tote $278


AX Paris Stripes on Stripes. Buy the complete look HERE

AXParis_Stripped crop top and skirt


alicia-keys-croptop ashley-madekwe-croptop ashley-tisdale-crop top kellyrowlandxfactor2- crop top Leona+Lewis+Launches+BBC+Radio+1+Crop top miley-cyrus-crop top



Natasha of BisuousNatasha

bisousnatasha_5 ways to wear a crop top 1

Kim of Natural Fashionista

Kim of The Natural Fashionista_Crop top

Adaku of ThirdworldprofashionalAdaku Ufere_Crop top_Thirdworldprofashional





Check out other places to shop for similar styles


1. AX Paris: Crop top HERE; LovelyStipped Midi Skirt HERE





1. Jumia: I like this  crop top HERE

2. Konga: Floral skirt HERE

3. Beautique-Online stripped skirt HERE


1. Jumia Kenya: I love these skirts HERE and HERE


1. Zando purple crop top HERE

2. Woolworths HERE

Which of these Looks are your favorite? How would you style a crop top differently? Please share.


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Lookbook Afrique: Ella and Gabby Autumn/Winter 2013 Collection

Ella & Gabby is an International Premium Fashion Brand setting a unique standard in the African Fashion Market. Known for it’s exquisite, feminine and classy designs that accentuate a woman’s figure, the brand continues to satisfy our fashion appetite.

The brand just released their breath taking Autumn/Winter “Tropical Sophistication” collection, giving us a unique sensation. Designer Ada Mgbudem uses a combination of ankara prints, silk and a creative mix of yellow, blue, sea  green and detailed embellishments. This collection is definitely sticks to their true vision of celebrating the beauty, boldness, class and pride of a woman in a detailed and sophisticated way.

I’m really impressed with Ella & Gabby and their journey in the Fashion Industry thus far. Kudos to them! Besides their wonderful designs, Ella & Gabby has been appreciated by media platforms including Vogue UK.

What do  you think about this collection? Please share! Thanks.

Ella & Gabby Autumn/Winter 2013  Collection

Ella-Gabby-AW-2013-Collection-LaizaLounge1 Ella-Gabby-AW-2013-Collection-LaizaLounge2 8
Ella-Gabby-AW-2013-Collection-LaizaLounge2 Ella-Gabby-AW-2013-Collection-LaizaLounge2h Ella-Gabby-AW-2013-Collection-LaizaLounge2k



Ella-Gabby-AW-2013-Collection-LaizaLounge2q Ella-Gabby-AW-2013-Collection-LaizaLounge2u Ella-Gabby-AW-2013-Collection-LaizaLounge4 Ella-Gabby-AW-2013-Collection-LaizaLounge22Ella-Gabby-AW-2013-Collection-LaizaLounge25 Ella-Gabby-AW-2013-Collection-LaizaLounge26

Ella-Gabby-AW-2013-Collection-LaizaLounge2 j



For more Information:

Website: http://www.ellaandgabby.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ellaandgabby

Twitter: @ellaandgabby

Giuseppe Zanotti Fall 2013 Collection and Campaign

Now, lets talk about shoes! Get a first look at Giuseppe Zanotti’s sexy perfect shoes for the fall season. The Giuseppe Zanotti Fall 2013  Collection shows  a range of black stilettos with a  mix of leopard, snakeskin print and gold highlights. In addition to this are other trends including fur ankle strap and embellishments in good  measure, perfect for the fall season.

To make this even more interesting, Polish beauty- Anja Rubik is again the face of Giuseppe Zanotti’s Fall Campaign as she has been for seven consecutive seasons.

Giuseppe-Zanotti_1 Giuseppe-Zanotti_2 Giuseppe-Zanotti_3 Giuseppe-Zanotti_4

Check out the full collection below:

Giuseppe Zanotti Fall 2013 Collection

giuseppe-zanotti-fall-2013-18 giuseppe-zanotti-fall-2013-17 giuseppe-zanotti-fall-2013-16 giuseppe-zanotti-fall-2013-15 giuseppe-zanotti-fall-2013-14 giuseppe-zanotti-fall-2013-1 giuseppe-zanotti-fall-2013-2 giuseppe-zanotti-fall-2013-3 giuseppe-zanotti-fall-2013-4 giuseppe-zanotti-fall-2013-5 giuseppe-zanotti-fall-2013-6 giuseppe-zanotti-fall-2013-12 giuseppe-zanotti-fall-2013-11 giuseppe-zanotti-fall-2013-10 giuseppe-zanotti-fall-2013-9 giuseppe-zanotti-fall-2013-8 giuseppe-zanotti-fall-2013-7

What do you think about this collection? Please share.


Image Credit: StylePantry