Lookbook Afrique: Ella and Gabby Autumn/Winter 2013 Collection

Ella & Gabby is an International Premium Fashion Brand setting a unique standard in the African Fashion Market. Known for it’s exquisite, feminine and classy designs that accentuate a woman’s figure, the brand continues to satisfy our fashion appetite.

The brand just released their breath taking Autumn/Winter “Tropical Sophistication” collection, giving us a unique sensation. Designer Ada Mgbudem uses a combination of ankara prints, silk and a creative mix of yellow, blue, sea  green and detailed embellishments. This collection is definitely sticks to their true vision of celebrating the beauty, boldness, class and pride of a woman in a detailed and sophisticated way.

I’m really impressed with Ella & Gabby and their journey in the Fashion Industry thus far. Kudos to them! Besides their wonderful designs, Ella & Gabby has been appreciated by media platforms including Vogue UK.

What do  you think about this collection? Please share! Thanks.

Ella & Gabby Autumn/Winter 2013  Collection

Ella-Gabby-AW-2013-Collection-LaizaLounge1 Ella-Gabby-AW-2013-Collection-LaizaLounge2 8
Ella-Gabby-AW-2013-Collection-LaizaLounge2 Ella-Gabby-AW-2013-Collection-LaizaLounge2h Ella-Gabby-AW-2013-Collection-LaizaLounge2k



Ella-Gabby-AW-2013-Collection-LaizaLounge2q Ella-Gabby-AW-2013-Collection-LaizaLounge2u Ella-Gabby-AW-2013-Collection-LaizaLounge4 Ella-Gabby-AW-2013-Collection-LaizaLounge22Ella-Gabby-AW-2013-Collection-LaizaLounge25 Ella-Gabby-AW-2013-Collection-LaizaLounge26

Ella-Gabby-AW-2013-Collection-LaizaLounge2 j



For more Information:

Website: http://www.ellaandgabby.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ellaandgabby

Twitter: @ellaandgabby


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