Giuseppe Zanotti Fall 2013 Collection and Campaign

Now, lets talk about shoes! Get a first look at Giuseppe Zanotti’s sexy perfect shoes for the fall season. The Giuseppe Zanotti Fall 2013  Collection shows  a range of black stilettos with a  mix of leopard, snakeskin print and gold highlights. In addition to this are other trends including fur ankle strap and embellishments in good  measure, perfect for the fall season.

To make this even more interesting, Polish beauty- Anja Rubik is again the face of Giuseppe Zanotti’s Fall Campaign as she has been for seven consecutive seasons.

Giuseppe-Zanotti_1 Giuseppe-Zanotti_2 Giuseppe-Zanotti_3 Giuseppe-Zanotti_4

Check out the full collection below:

Giuseppe Zanotti Fall 2013 Collection

giuseppe-zanotti-fall-2013-18 giuseppe-zanotti-fall-2013-17 giuseppe-zanotti-fall-2013-16 giuseppe-zanotti-fall-2013-15 giuseppe-zanotti-fall-2013-14 giuseppe-zanotti-fall-2013-1 giuseppe-zanotti-fall-2013-2 giuseppe-zanotti-fall-2013-3 giuseppe-zanotti-fall-2013-4 giuseppe-zanotti-fall-2013-5 giuseppe-zanotti-fall-2013-6 giuseppe-zanotti-fall-2013-12 giuseppe-zanotti-fall-2013-11 giuseppe-zanotti-fall-2013-10 giuseppe-zanotti-fall-2013-9 giuseppe-zanotti-fall-2013-8 giuseppe-zanotti-fall-2013-7

What do you think about this collection? Please share.


Image Credit: StylePantry


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