InspirationTalk: Leave your Comfort Zone!



Comfort zones can be dangerous! Step out boldly and confidently in the direction of your dreams . You might say- Maybe next year, maybe tomorrow. But guess what? Tomorrow or next year is not guaranteed- no matter how hard you fight this truth.

You were made and brought to this world for a purpose. It’s important that you make EVERY effort to find out this purpose and work towards it with everything within you. Leave this world empty and used up of ALL your abilities. By doing that, millions of lives would have been transformed just because you lived a fulfilling life…just because you took that step NOW. Be the change even in your little circle.

Life truly begins when you decide to leave your comfort  zone and start doing those things you’ve always dreamt about.

NOW is the time to take that BOLD step and make your dreams a reality. Don’t keep waiting for that push or inspiration. You are the PUSH you’ve been waiting for. You have all the greatness within you- GO! WIN today!

While talking about   Comfort  zones, it’s important that  we understand what we have on the inside.

Show forth your light to the world; how long do you plan to keep hiding? Don’t let any costume imprison you. It’s time to take it out and be yourself. Trying to be someone else is like living inside a Mannequin or statue and living with that persons limitations. It’s time to boldly embrace your uniqueness. Don’t accept a lukewarm leftover in your life.

Reignite your dreams again. Reposition yourself to greatness. Take conscious action steps to make those dreams come through. Lives are waiting for your touch-to heal, inspire and empower them.

Make a conscious effort today. If you think you’ve done your best, then GO the EXTRA MILE! You were made for something bigger than you can ever imagine. I know you can feel it. Greatness lives in you! You are  SPECIAL!

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Have a fabulous and blessed day.

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Laiza –


4 thoughts on “InspirationTalk: Leave your Comfort Zone!

    • Laiza Lounge says:

      Thank you, I really appreciate you! Indeed, life begins outside our comfort zone…I hope this inspired you 🙂

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