Editorial Makeup Inspiration: Kendra Spears for Allure Russia, June 2013


The  stunning Kendra Spears graces the cover of Allure Russia June 2013 Edition.  This edition is  inspiring to me specifically because of the vibrant makeup which  blended perfectly with the  clothes and statement  accessories. Adding bold colors to your  spring look is definitely one way to give you that edgy vibe this season.

Check out some makeup collections below which can be used  to achieve some of these looks.


My picks:

Powder:Sleek Powder- HERE

Lip Stick: 1. YSL Red Lipstick for $34 HERE

Mascara: 1.Falsies for $11.86 HERE


Eye Shadow: 1. Sleek (I love this!) Get it  at Konga.com for N2,150  (Nigerian viewers)


2) I also love this


 Kendra Spears for Allure Russia, June 2013FULL EDITORIAL BELOW:

Kendra-Spears-Allure-Russia-02 Kendra-Spears-Allure-Russia-03 Kendra-Spears-Allure-Russia-04 Kendra-Spears-Allure-Russia-05 Kendra-Spears-Allure-Russia-06 Kendra-Spears-Allure-Russia-07

Photography by Giampaolo Sgura

Styling by Anya Ziourova.

Image Source: BeautyisDiverse


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