Spring Trend Alert: Color Block Dresses (Picks below $100)

colorblock jil sander

Color is here to stay and I mean bold stripes, neon, pastels and mixmatch of various colors.  These days, most individuals embrace colors and are not afraid to boldly make a statement through their personal styles. The color blocking trend has be worn stylishly and creatively. On the other hand, we’ve seen many people who have basically insulted this trend due because of lack of understanding of the basics.

Indeed, it’s important that we understand how to mix and match different colors to make an outfit portray our personality or otherwise, depending on the event.


Although this post isn’t about learning how to combine colors, let’s briefly go back to basics here. Using the chart above, we have 2 major categories: Complementary and primary colors. Understanding these can helps us achieve that perfect look. For example, to achieve harmonious looks, combine complementary colors from the same family group such as bright pink and royal blue, purple and orange. Bright colors such as pink could also be mixed with neutral colors to achieve a simple look. Try 

The fashion world has gone from combining two outfits to a complete juxtaposition of colors in one outfit. The fashion icon (my fashion best friend in my head) Victoria Beckham, continues to show us this trend through her collections. I particularly love her pencil fitted stretch crepe dresses. Such dresses can be worn for various occasions while serving different purposes, including enhancing our shapes.


The fusion of two solid colors or in some cases more, have inspired my personal styles over the years. Seeing how designers create different structures and designs while adding other trends like prints, is just amazing. So, instead of sticking to the regular neutrals or matching the same colors (which most people do alot), I add a pop of color to my outfit.

This spring, you can add color to your outfits generally. If you’re not sure of how to mix different color of outfits,one of the best ways is to look for that dress that completes the look.


I decided to pick out few color block dresses I really like. Inspired by brands such as Stella McCartney and Victoria Beckham. However, due to the very high prices, I decided to hunt for similar and cheaper styles 🙂

Check out some of my picks below $100!



Get the look HERE for $58



Get this look HERE for $58



Look 1: Dorothy Perkins Gem neck ponte dress for $69 HERE

Look 2 (Middle):  Dorothy Perkins Blue blurred digital dress for $44 HERE

Look 3: 


What are your thoughts? Will you wear any of these selections?

Please share your thoughts.



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