Brand Spotlight: Accessories by Abiye

AA5Accessories by Abiye is a fashion accessories brand that was launched in December 2012 by Abiye-Yvonne Dede. The brand makes unique handcrafted accessories to compliment the personality of each individual; enhancing their personal style without compromising on elegance. The accessories reflects a fantastic combination of trend, style and vibrant color.

The creative designer – Abiye was born in Nigeria, but moved to UK in 2003 to pursue her studies. She is a 24 year old PhD student studying Cancer Immunology at Nottingham Trent University. Abiye has always had a burning desire for fashion and design. In order to exhibit her love for fashion and contribute to the fashion scene, she started to make customized jewellery (earrings, bangles, necklaces) and accessories (such as handbags, shoes, bow ties, brooches).

In 2012, she turned her dreams into reality by making accessories for herself, friends and family after realizing that lot of people required matching accessories to their ankara outfits. Because of her African heritage, she mixes vibrant color and patterns of the African print fabric “Ankara” to her collections.

All accessories are currently handmade in the UK and the brand’s uniqueness extends to custom orders- all items are fully customizable.


Designers Words: “I’ve always had a long-standing fascination with fashion especially how accessories can transform any basic outfit. As far back as I can remember, I loved customizing outfits and making them ‘my own’ by adding my own touch. My line is my attempt to showcase and introduce African fashion to the world, using African print-inspired accessories that can be worn with any basic outfit. My line hand makes and customises jewellery – earrings, bangles, necklaces other accessories such as hairbands, brooches, bow ties, handbags & clutch bags and shoes. We hope that t-shirts for spring/summer will be available soon.”

AA8 AA13

These lovely accessories are available for purchase on her ETSY store: by Abiye is offering a 5% discount to all LaizaLounge readers through their Etsy store: Use the discount code: BLOGFEATURE05 at checkout.

Accessories by Abiye is also on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and LinkedIn. Add us on any of these pages to be informed about any special offers we may have such as giveaways, flash sales and events.

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