Fabulous Finds under $100: ShoeDazzle Showroom


Spring is around the corner (especially for people in cold countries) and it’s almost time to set those winter boots aside. Brands are giving us a splash of their collections from shoes, clothes, accessories and more. Lets look at shoes from Shoedazzle’s showroom.

I really love Shoedazzle’s shoes. I think they are very innovative with their use of colors and styles. In addition, their customer service is SPLENDID and their shoes are very comfortable. I got two of their shoes last year which I wore, HERE and HERE during my DOT Bag Series.  Furthermore, Shoedazzle has fabulous stylists such as Kim Kardashian, Rachel Zoe and more.

Check out my top 10 picks from the ShoeDazzle Showroom. I will love to know your favorite amongst them.

ShoeDazzle Showroom

1) YNEZ Polka Dot Shoe for $39.95 HERE


2) SABINA for $39.95


3) SHARON for $44.95


4) TAHLIA for $44.95

5) WHITLEY for $44.95

6) CARAGH for $48.95CARAGH_GREEN_Shoedazzle

7) KALI for $43.95KALI_GREEN_ShoeDazzle_LaizaLounge

8) PENNEY Spikey Flats for $42.95 HERE

9) KARRIE for $42.95


10) DEBBIE for $32.95DEBBIE_WHITESNAKE_A_SIDE-hero-detail

Visit: www.shoedazzle.com


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