Ciara covers Annex Magazine March 2013 Issue

The gorgeous artist Ciara covers Annex Magazine Diane Issue. Looks like Miss C has taken a long break from the music scene. This break is definitely overdue; I need to see more of her. Hopefully, she comes back with a BOOM! I believe she’s a unique artist and her effortless dance skills make her complete.


Check out a sneak peek of the interview with Annex Magazine (

In the spread and interview due out March 18th Ciara talks “One Woman Army”, Inspiration, and new beau Future…

CIARA ON NEW ALBUM “ONE WOMAN ARMY”: I am approaching this record in a different way than I have any other project before. While recording “One Woman Army” I have been running towards my fears and allowing myself to be vulnerable in many ways; for the first time I allowed myself to be completely open in the music making process.  I can honestly say this is the most fun that I’ve ever had making an album.
CIARA ON INSPIRATIONS: I really love listening to artists like Lana Del Ray, Kendrick Lamar, Drake just to name a few. However, I continue to find inspiration from the generation of greats such as Michael Jackson, Prince and Madonna.
Source: AnnexMagazine

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