Lookbook: Hesey Designs

Hesey Design is a women’s apparel and accessory line with pieces ranging from beautiful bespoke gowns and T-shirts. They also create handmade fashion accessories like shoes, slippers, bags, jewelries all inspired by the African culture.
In 2011, Hesey Design featured in Lagos Style week where 10 unique pieces were showcased that drew applauds from fashion lovers and designers alike. The brand was officially launched in July, 2012 and since then, has been focusing more on their bag and shoe line.“Hesey Designs is a fashion label that specializes in creating custom-made apparels and accessories for women. Blending our exotic creative designs with African prints, we produce unique items that enable our customers get all the attention they deserve. While trying to make a name for ourselves, we are currently focused on growing the accessory line of the business. Items in our line include shoes, slippers, bags; all inspired by the African culture.”

The brand just released their NEW collection.
Check it out below:

29 30 31 IMG_8299 IMG_8304 IMG_8308 IMG_8314

For more information:

Hessey Designs Contact:

Eseoghene Odiete
Creative Designer, Hesey Designs

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