Happy Birthday to ME!!!

Today is a wonderful day in my life as I celebrate my 25th birthday! I am so grateful for Gods wonderful blessings thus far and the greater things He has in store for me. Not everyone made it to this age, but I did and I will keep going stronger by God’s grace.

To all my wonderful readers, special family and friends, and those that have helped shaped my life and continue to encourage me- Thank YOU for being part of my journey.

Cheers to a wonderful birthday (Celebrating this day by going on a field work for my job. I have honestly decided to console myself by saying this- It’s for a great cause) 😀

I totally forgot to post these pictures; an extra from my DOT Bag series; featuring the DOT orange briefcase. Enjoy!

Have a gorgeous day everyone!






16 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to ME!!!

  1. dickenst4@gmail.com says:

    Wishing you a century more years in All-round, Overflowing, A bounding Abundance of Prosperity in Jesus’ name. Hearty Cheers Lisa!!!
    Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless handheld from Glo Mobile.

  2. ukachi chukwu says:

    Happy birthday Laiza. God bless your heart. Have the best day ever, and I am soooo looking forward to reading about it on your blog.

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