My Birthday WishList- 01/23/2013


I will soon be a year older (the big twenty-five), WHOOOP! I must confess, I used to say- I’m getting old….I mean, 25 already? Even though there might be certain things that I planned to do before 25 that have not been achieved YET, I am a dreamer and achiever and I know they will still come to pass. I know many people who say- Oh time is passing and are even ashamed to say they are 27. I tell you this- Age is just a number; many in the grave wish they were still on this earth no matter what age; they just need that ‘one chance’ to make things right. We are here, we have life and we have hope. We can still do even beyond what we planned.

I am never ashamed to say- God has been ‘beating the drum’ for me all these years and I give him the ultimate GLORY! It’s just amazing how far God has brought me in life and I cannot thank God enough. It has been a wonderful journey of learning, growing, loving, and more…!

My date is a special one this year. I’m very sure most of my friends and family are tired of this. Analyze this with me- January 23rd, 2013- 01/23/2013- 01/23 is still 2013. So, everyday of the year is my birthday. Somebody SCREAM! Yes, I am special like that.

In anticipation of my birthday, I decided to do a wishlist (wink); a lady is allowed to dream right?

Official Wishlist (In no particular order); And off course my wishes are not limited to this list 🙂

Coco Chanel Noir : My love for Coco Chanel Mademoiselle perfume cannot die. I just love it. However, I will love to try out the Coco Chanel Noir. We can’t doubt the fact that perfumes are a necessary staple and for me, Coco Chanel is one. See HERE

Chanel Coco Noir new perfume bottle black

Miss Dior Cherie: Ahhh this girl, another perfume? Yes, it’s my birthday and there is no limit to what I can get on my special day(s). This perfume is the IT. It just has a sophisticated scent. See HERE and HERE


Virgos Lounge: I cannot deny the fact that Virgos Lounge produces lovely and unique vintage pieces. The detailing in their pieces just makes their brand different from many I’ve seen. I heart Virgos Lounge. One of their pieces I am currently craving is there VL Nicola dress. I’ll love to own one. See more HERE


Jonathan Saunders Axel Skirt Dot Skirt: The Skirt will brighten up a look and give you that classy and edgy feel. I love it. Jonathan Saunders is one designer that makes statement pieces. I love love most of his collections. This skirt is a current obsession for me.

But the price of the skirt? Wipes sweat. I mean, it’s ‘cheap’. More HERE


Michael Kors Jet Set Tote: Yes, I am still loving this bag. I did a post about this bag before HERE.

I spotted this bag on my friend and immediately fell in love with it. She was carrying the light blue color, which even attracted me more. The bag just works for various occasions. It is a classic coated canvas tote, topped with thin leather straps and a dangling logo medallion. The bag is perfect for travelling, school, work, and off course will work for that casual look. It’s just perfect in the sense that- it can contain most of your stuff and still remain classy.

This is a must have for me. See more HERE and HERE

Michael Kors Jet Set Medium Travel Tote, Lacquered Pink_20120604171456

Canon EOS 650D: The life of a fashion blogger. People might scream expensive, but yes, that’s what it is 🙂 I used to wonder why photographers charged a premium just to take shots. I did not completely understand until I became a fashion blogger. Infact, they even go through more stress of ‘perfect’ editing, taking pictures during fashion shows and off course the price of their camera, just to mention a few. RESPECT to all the photographers out there!


ASOS Cuff Set


image1xl (1)

ASOS Gift Card

Asos Gift CardLaizaLounge

Asos is one store that you will love more and more things everyday. You can never love just one. A gift card will do the trick in this case (who is with me?). I love love ASOS!

This list might seem too much to some people, but one thing I always have is FAITH. This word can work wonders 😀 .

Sending Hugs and Kisses to my friends, family, wonderful readers and off course new readers for your encouragement. LaizaLounge is definitely breaking higher grounds this year and beyond. Somebody say AMEN!!!



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