How to Break into the Fashion Industry by Shiona Turini

I’m really inspired by stylish hardworking women in the fashion industry. Some of the people that inspire me are Chioma Nnadi, and now we have Shiona Turini just to mention a few. Fashionbombdaily interviewed Shiona Turini, the accessories director of Teen Vogue. She talked about ‘How to break into the Fashion Industry’. Check out the interview below.

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Born and raised in Bermuda, the Hampton University graduate has been a style connoisseur since her days of bucking the dress code at her uber conservative high school (she insisted on wearing cuffed high-waisted wide legged pants instead of the required skirts). Now at the helm of the accessories department at Teen Vogue, she gives readers the chance to ogle everything from Prada to Payless in her vibrant spreads. She took a few moments out of her schedule to tell you guys a bit about her story and how you, too, can one day catapult to the upper echelons of a national magazine.

Though Shiona always had a flair for style, she didn’t pursue fashion as a career until after college. She says, “I graduated with absolutely NO fashion experience – not one internship. So, when I [finished my studies] and moved to New York, I interned at Yves Saint Laurent in the PR Department. I was there for almost a year as a full time intern but freelanced often at KCD (during the shows and when publicists would travel to Europe). Finally, a position opened up and I was hired at Yves Saint Laurent as the PR Assistant.”

She continues, “At YSL I covered womens, mens, and celebrity, and I was there for almost 3 years. I knew I needed to make a move to grow, and was looking into positions at other fashion houses when the Accessories Director at W Magazine contacted me to see if I was interested in an Accessories Editor position. I’d never worked at a magazine before and I had never even entertained the thought – but it ended up being a great move for me.


“At W, I handled the shoe and bag and belt markets so I was definitely well versed in luxury accessories. At Teen Vogue, I still handle the shoe and bag markets, but I oversee the entire accessories department which includes myself, an amazing editor, and an assistant.”


A typical day for Turini starts with a 4-10 mile run (she’s currently training for the New York City Marathon), followed by market appointments, showroom visits, and product pulls. She says, “My job is like a constant treasure hunt – looking for the best pieces for each shoot while also making sure I’m always searching for something fresh and new.” In the evening, she heads out for previews or parties, all the while keeping her twitter followers engaged with her Shoe of the Day tweets and instagrams of instances from her fabulous life.






5 thoughts on “How to Break into the Fashion Industry by Shiona Turini

  1. Titi Holmes says:

    You are a big bitch I interned at teen vogue an you were so rude for no reason you had inspired me because I as well was a black female working in a predominantly white office atmosphere but you were just an a hole an acted like you were better then everyone so sad you wear great clothes but have a horrible personality

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